About us

about us

MARAWE, Agricultural & Livestock production

Meroe is a leading company in agricultural & livestock production, located in the city of Meroe in the northern state of Sudan due to ancient civilization and rich wealth owned by this city that suit the purpose of establishing the project, which is to confront the global population increase and the resulting pressure on limited food resources. Through the use of the latest technology methods to increase the efficiency of agricultural and animal production, thus enhancing food security and sustainable development.

Our Mission

Making the agricultural field economically viable and able to overcome the crises it faces through using the latest technology methods in production and manufacturing industries that give an added value to agricultural & livestock products.

Our Vission

Enhancing food security and sustainable development globally in addetion to facing poverty and meeting the needs of the current generation with food, taking into account the needs of future generations.

MARAWE'S Core Values

One World

Consider ourselves an integral part of any society,
working with both local and global communities to improve nutrition, build resilience and sustainability.


One of our most important
values in Merowe. We adopt honesty, clarity and justice
in all our work, which
creates trust between
us and our customers.


Always keen on social responsibility, that is why we established Merowe to support food security, achieve sustainable development and provide a decent life for agricultural workers.


Supporting investments in research and development that enable increased production efficiency, while increasing the nutritional value of the food produced at the same time.


Aiming for sustainability in the labor market by creatively and responsibly addressing all the challenges that we can face, such as energy and climate challenges.


Build and strengthen the confidence of our customers through transparency and clarity with them in order to achieve our desired strategy and elevate life for the better


Adhering to the highest professional standards in our performance, we aim not only to increase production, but also to improve its quality and maintain its health and vitality.


Continue to compete and strive
to stay ahead by generating
new innovative ideas for production and development
that help raise efficiency and effectiveness.